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It is quite apparent that the latest clothing trend is all about feeling comfortable. But why not feel comfortable and look stylish all at the same time? These are only a few of the countless reasons why you should check out One Tooth Activewear.

The most asked question we hear is - what does 'One Tooth' mean and where did it come from? In an ancient tribe near the company founder's home town went an old story that if you told a lie you'd lose one tooth. Being that he wanted to build an ethical business he named it One Tooth as a reminder of this philosophy of goodwill.

One Tooth has been open since 2000 and it started as a couple stores in Vancouver, British Columbia. In only a fast few years One Tooth grew into stores all across Canada. Products include pants, capris, jackets, tops, headbands, hoodies and shorts in plenty of bright colors and styles. Our products cater to men and women.

With exceptional products and prices, One Tooth Activewear is a fantastic value in an often overpriced industry.

We hope you enjoy our products!